Training and Support for Success

Jeremy Ward
Feb 29, 2024
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At NRM, were all about making technology easy and fun, especially with Microsoft Teams Phone. We get you and your teams upto speed with the solution so everyone can start winning, pronto.

Faster Adoption 🔄: We provide training to accelerate the adoption of the new Microsoft Teams Phone features to reduce the learning curve.

Increased Productivity 📈: When your employees know their way around the solution, they’re able to do more and leverage the full suite of capabilities.

Empowerment 💪: There’s something special about being able to figure out things on your own. We train your team to be just that – confident and self-reliant.

We’re committed to making this transition as smooth and engaging as possible for your team. Here’s our training goodness:

  • Customized Training 📚: We recognize the diversity in every organization and offer customized training that addresses the needs of different roles and departments.
  • Interactive Workshops 🛠️: They’re the practical playgrounds where your team gets to play, experiment, and explore real-world scenarios to master Teams Phone in the context of their daily tasks.
  • On-demand Resources 📖: Our library is filled with filled with guides, videos, and FAQs to explore anytime extending beyond live sessions.

Everything about adoption gets easier when you or your team don’t have to follow up or do it repeatedly. That’s why our support journeys are designed to be with you at every turn ensuring a seamless transition.

  • Round-the-Clock Support: Keep your tech troubles at bay with our 24/7 support team assisting you with the transition to the new technology solutions.
  • Proactive Monitoring: We’re always watching out for you, keeping an eye on things so your Teams Phone provides a seamless experience.
  • Continuous Improvements: We love feedback and use the inputs shared by our customers to align with business goals and needs.

We believe in fostering partnerships that grow and evolve with your business. 🔍 Let’s talk solutions for your business’ digital transformation journeys. Book a consultation with us here

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