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We are dedicated to partnering with service providers and agents like you, offering a comprehensive Microsoft Teams Calling program that brings immense value to your business.

Whether you are an MSP/MSSP, technology advisor/broker, or an operator/VOIP reseller, our program is designed to empower you and enhance your capabilities in delivering advanced voice communication solutions to your clients.


You refer a customer and we do all the heavy lifting.
We provied a handsome referral bonus for qualified leads, regardless what happens with the sale.
We keep you up to speed with the status of the deal and deployment.
Once complete, you receive residuals comissions without lifting a finger.


We are your named strategic partner for Microsoft Teams, UCaaS, and CCaaS opportunities.
We support your sales team and are your project sales engineer when working with prospective customers.
We provide marketing and sales outreach support for Microsoft Teams related marketing campaigns.
We split residual commissions and you receive a one-time commission on professional services.

Staff Augmentation

We work as a member of your team, supporting sales through implementation.
We support all pro services related to Microsoft Teams and Contact center customers.
We train your tier 1 and 2 teams as needed to support your customers, with us available as your tier 3.
We share commissions and you are able to add a minimum of 20% markup on professional services.
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Collaborative Approach

We work hand-in-hand with you, integrating seamlessly into your team or serving as your trusted partner, ensuring a unified and cohesive experience for your clients.

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Co-selling and Commission Split

We believe in shared success. By co-selling with us, you can earn commissions on the products and services we enable you to offer, creating a mutually beneficial revenue-sharing model.

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Fair and Competitive Pricing

Our professional services are priced at fair rates, allowing you to add your margin while remaining highly competitive in the market. You can confidently offer our solutions to your customers, knowing you are providing exceptional value at competitive rates.

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Marketing Support

We assist you in promoting your new capabilities to your existing customers. With our expertise and resources, we help you create effective marketing materials that highlight the benefits of Microsoft Teams Calling, empowering you to generate new business and drive growth.

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Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training programs that equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to provide ongoing support and managed services for Teams calling and contact centers. You can confidently support your customers needs with our assistance and ensure their success.

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Our partner program is tailored to the needs of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and MSSPs. With Microsoft Teams being the leading collaboration platform, there is a tremendous opportunity for you to capitalize on its explosive growth. By partnering with us, you can expand your service offerings, create new revenue streams, and guide your clients through a smooth transition to Microsoft Teams for their voice communication needs.

Our resources, technical support, and training materials are designed to help you integrate Teams voice solutions seamlessly and deliver exceptional value to your clients.

Technology Advisors, Brokers, and Channel Sales Agents

Partnering with us as a technology broker or advisor brings numerous benefits to your business. Our program enables you to provide advanced voice communication capabilities to your clients through Microsoft Teams, enhancing their collaboration experience. Access cutting-edge technology solutions and our Microsoft Teams voice deployment expertise to confidently guide clients to the right solutions and ensure successful implementations.

Competitive pricing, flexible terms, and dedicated technical support enhance your capabilities, empowering you to offer comprehensive, high-value solutions, driving growth in the dynamic tech marketplace.

Operators and VOIP Resellers

For voice carriers and operators, our Microsoft Teams voice partner program offers significant advantages. Partnering with us unlocks opportunities and meets comprehensive needs for companies considering Teams calling. We provide technical expertise, resources, and support for customer migration to Teams calling, including infrastructure, orchestration platforms, and Teams voice deployment knowledge.

As a master reseller of direct routing and hosted infrastructure, we enable seamless deployment and management of Teams calling for your resellers and their customers. Competitive pricing, support, training, and co-selling enhance your market position, delivering reliable, scalable Teams voice solutions.