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Tailored Communication Solutions for Your Business

We are equipped to provide secure and reliable voice communication solutions through the implementation of Microsoft Teams Calling.

Microsoft Teams Calling for Service Providers

We are dedicated to partnering with service providers and agents like you, offering a comprehensive Microsoft Teams Calling program that brings immense value to your business. Whether you are an MSP/MSSP, technology advisor/broker, or an operator/VOIP reseller, our program is designed to empower you and enhance your capabilities in delivering advanced voice communication solutions to your clients.

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Inbound Call Protection

This advanced suite of call security solutions is designed to enhance trustworthiness, reduce costs, and maximize revenue. The service increases answer rates by 30% or more through outbound call branding, protecting numbers from spoofing. Every inbound call is verified through an automated call-authentication and spoofing detection system. Business lines and contact centers are secured from attacks, disruptions, fraud, and abuse. The service includes protection against voice network attacks and robocalls, and provides proactive monitoring of new attacks and malicious calls. Additionally, nuisance calls and call spam are effectively reduced, ensuring a secure and reliable communication environment for both inbound and outbound calls.

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Reputation and Identity Management

Reputation and identity management tools provides businesses with the ability to effectively manage and enhance their online presence. With features such as customer review collection and promotion across various platforms, custom survey capabilities, and social listening tools, businesses can actively engage with customer feedback and conversations. Real-time webchat functionality facilitates immediate interaction with customers, while an integrated ticketing system ensures effective management and resolution of customer issues. By leveraging natural language processing, these tools offer actionable insights from customer feedback, guiding improvements in business performance. Additionally, a competitor analysis feature allows businesses to assess their standing against others in their sector based on customer feedback.

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