Planning your Microsoft Teams Phone Pilot with NRM

Jeremy Ward
Feb 15, 2024
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🔑Key Planning Steps

Understand Your Needs: Are there issues with call quality, collaboration between remote teams, or integration of various communication tools? We identify areas where current communication systems fall short.

Assess Your Infrastructure: We assess your existing network infrastructure, existing technology ecosystem and hardware such as headsets, webcams, devices for compatibility with Teams Phone and suggest upgrades if necessary.

Define Scope and Scale: Determine whether the pilot will involve a specific department or if it will be company wide.

📊Setting Goals and Metrics

Establish clear objectives and business goals: We help you achieve what you want with the Teams Phone pilot. This could be improved collaboration, reduced call costs or enhanced customer service. We want you to define what success look like for your business and track the metrics.

👥 Stakeholder Engagement

Involve key stakeholders early: We work with you to identify who needs to be involved and conduct meetings throughout your organization to gather diverse perspectives and ensure buy-in. This includes IT, management, and end-users who will provide valuable feedback.

Resource Allocation: Communication assists in allocating the necessary time, resources, and budget for the pilot program, ensuring its success.

💼NRM’s Strategic Approach

Expert Facilitation: With NRM Communications, our experienced team will guide you through the entire pilot program, ensuring best practices are followed and accurate results are obtained.

🚀Ready, Set, Launch!

With a solid plan in place, you’re set to launch your Teams Phone Pilot successfully.

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